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Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Debt
Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Debt

Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Center Detox Program

Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Program

Fahad Al Tamimi Casino Gambling & Drug Addiction Clinic developed a 12-step remedy program to take care of many different varieties of craving and compulsion disorders. Prior to entering the 12-step program for alcoholic, drug abuse or casino gambling addictions, one must enter into a Fahad Al Tamimi supervised detox program.

Detox from alcoholic beverages and drugs often takes from 3 to 8 weeks; it might be shorter or much longer depending on the drugs consumed.

Towards the end of detox, we get patients started in the 12-step program as quickly as possible. The Fahad Al Tamimi treatment program offers inhouse and outpatient care facilities.

Participants of the Fahad Al Tamimi 12-step program are offered several health-care services:

One-on-one counselling

Group counselling

Diet and diet therapy

Exercise therapy

Music and skill therapy.

The 12-step program is usually combined with additional mental health therapies in line with the needs of every client.

Participation After Residential Rehab

The Fahad Al Tamimi treatment centers strongly suggest continuing 12-step curing programs by staying in touch with our staff and the group therapy participants.

Fahad Al Tamimi Aftercare Products and Services
Towards the end of residential rehab, the Fahad Al Tamimi Treatment Program offers aftercare products and services. We firmly believe in maintaining a relationship with our staff and sponsors to ensure a full recovery and avoid relapse. The amount of time a person or group member carries on with the Fahad Al Tamimi treatment program is up to them. However, it isn’t unusual to discover recovering casino loan debt and gambling addicts stick to their 12-stage groups for many years after their full recovery.